Quality Enhancement in Engineering Education (A Project by MHRD Govt. of India)

Registration for QEEE Aug - Nov 2016 Live Classes
  8085 and 8086 Microprocessor: Architecture, Assembly Language Programming and System Design  
  Applications and Concepts of Thermodynamics  
  Bending and Stresses in Beam -Strength of Materials / Mechanics of Solids / Solid Mechanics  
  Classification of Signals and System - Introduction to Signals and Systems  
  Cloud Technology Overview - Cloud Computing  
  Combinational and Sequential Circuit Design - Digital IC Design  
  Fourier Series - Mathematical Methods  
  Fourier Transforms - Introduction to Signals and Systems  
  Introduction to Compilers - Compiler Design  
  Introduction To Conduction Heat Transfer  
  Laws of Thermodynamics  
  Linear Data Structures and Applications - Data Structures and Algorithms  
  Microprocessors and Microcontrollers - Memory Mapping and Peripheral Interfacing  
  Shear Strength of Soils - Geotechnical Engineering  
  Vibration - Theory of Vibration / Dynamics of Machines / Theory of Machines / Structural Dynamics  
  Virtualization Technology - Cloud Computing  
  Modern Wireless Communication Systems - Wireless Communication  
  Network Layer - Computer Networks  

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