Oranisational Chart

Processes: Principal is the executive head of the College. He manages college activities through different heads of departments, Registrar and Accountant. The academic function is managed through the Heads, Professors, Assistant Professors, and Lecturers. The Librarian manages library with the coordination of HOD’s, staff and accountant. The purchases of equipments and consumables are done as per budget provisions with the help of stores and accounts. Every term an academic planning is done in a staff meeting deciding the course of activities and policies for the term to achieve academic improvements and student culture. A feedback from students about their faculty is taken once every year and the performance of the staff is assessed taking this as one of the element of staff assessment. The Management committee reviews the monthly activities through its meetings and gives directions about the policies and purchases for further actions. The management decides the budget for the ensuing year. Annual general meeting of the society is held once in year were the review of all institutes is taken and the decisions for the next year plans are taken.

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