Counseling / Mentoring

Career Counseling:

1. Counseling and Guidance Camp for First Year Engineering aspirant Student is arranged every year.

2. Parents meet is held in the month of March for discussing the progress of students as well as guiding and counseling of the parents and students for corrective actions, if required to enable the students to adjust to the engineering career.

3. Various presentations are given by specialized agencies to help the students choose particular stream in their chosen faculty.

4. Extra academic courses are also held to impact specialized knowledge in various fields of engineering including soft skills, communication skills, Group discussions etc.

Medical facilities:

1. All students are medically examined every year.
2. We have first-aid facilities in the college.
3. The Trust has also provided an Ambulance in case of emergency.
4. Rui Rural Hospital of 50 + beds with a resident doctor on duty round the clock is located about 500 meters from the college.

Student Insurance:

Each student is insured against accident to the tune of Rs. 1 Lac per student. This insurance through New India Insurance Company. This is done through University of Pune.

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