Co-Curricular Transcripts

All about Co-Curricular Transcripts

A Co-curricular Transcript is a record of your co-curricular activities. These are the activities that are not indicated on your marksheet or regular transcript. The co-curricular transcript may include diverse activities in areas such as academics, conference presentations, participation / success in contests, special projects, social / cultural activities, sports related activities or any other noteworthy activities you have participated in.


Today, there is substantial importance given to a person's co-curricular initiatives in addition to the person's academic record captured by grades / marks / percentages. Many employers as well as institutions of higher learning consider a person's co-curricular record in addition to other material while making selection decisions. Creating and maintaining such a record is therefore in the interest of the student.


You need to create an online account in order to be able to record your co-curricular activities. Once you create an account you will receive a secure link which can be used repeatedly to record your co-curricular activities from time to time. It is advisable to record only those activities that are significant, rather than every minor activity. To record an activity, you need to specify a short title, specify the time frame and provide the details of the activity in a limited number of words.

You then need to specify an 'APPROVER' for your activity - either from the drop down available (if applicable), or by specifying a 'new approver'. It is necessary to seek consent of the approver before you specify his/her name. You need to specify all the details of the approver as required. Your activity will be emailed to the specified approver for approval. In case of delay in approval, you need to speak to the approver directly. After approval, the activity becomes a part of your record. A record of all your approved activities is maintained in the system.

You can request an electronic copy (PDF) of your co-curricular transcript at any time. The issuing entity will review all activities listed, and may choose to delete a previously approved activity for any reason. You will receive an electronic copy of your co-curricular transcript, which can be verified on-line by any third party.


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