Department of Mechanical Engineering

It is here that the budding engineer understands the conversion process of a raw material into finished products. Effort is made to give hands on experience with the manufacturing processes to the upcoming technocrats.

Mechanical Engineering students acquire proficiency in machining, welding, forging etc. In the final year the student implement these skills and knowledge for their project work
The workshop is equipped with the best machinery and set ups in Pattern Shop, Smithy, Welding, Fitting, Plumbing, Plastic molding, Machine Shop, etc.The workshop faculty actively participates in projects, new ideas, innovations to aid the student and staff of all departments & turn their thoughts coming to reality. Students are exposed to the ongoing maintenance and repair work on campus.

The workshop team has also completed many in house projects successfully such as:

Automation of Theater Screen at Ga.Di.Ma. auditorium.

Ergonomically designed and manufacturing of desks for schools and colleges of Vidya Pratishthan.

Machining and assemby of e-bikes (Bicycle and tricycle)

Design and manufacture of sports utilities required on campus.

Exercise bicycle for handicapped persons.



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