Department of Electrical Engineering

  Activity Report 2011-12

Department of Electrical Engineering did various Educational activities during academic year 2011-2012. With the inspirations and proper guidance of Hon’ble Principal Dr. S.B. Deosarkar and Head of Department Prof. C.R.Lakade, Department established Electrical Engineering Student’s Association (ELESA) on 12th Sept. 2011. The ELESA was well monitored and guided by faculty Conveyor Prof. V.S. More as well as Electrical Engineering staff. Department of Electrical Engineering along with ELESA arranged industrial visit and workshop during the same academic year. A brief overview of these activities has been given in the following report.
  Industrial Visit to 220kV/132kV Substation MAHA TRANSCO. Ltd, MIDC, Baramati.  
In order to get better understanding of the subject Power System, it was desired to visit at least one Electrical Substation. So two days visit to 220kV/132kV Substation along with S.E. Electrical students and staff members was arranged on 10th and 11the Feb.2012 by ELESA which was carried out successfully. Some captured moments of the visit are shown below,
  One day Workshop on “ Introduction to MATLAB Softaware” on 10th March 2012. Organised by ELESA and Departement of Electrical Engineering.  
A One day workshop was arranged on “Introduction to MATLAB Software” on 10th March 2012 for S.E. Electrical as well as M.E computer and Electronics students. Prof Ellijah Toppo ( Lecturer, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University, Lonere, Mangaon) was invited to conduct the workshop. The workshop was condcted successfully. Students’ response to the workshop was excellent. They showed lot of interest in learning basic things about MATLAB software and also expressed their desire to learn more aspects on this software in future. Some captured moments of the workshops are shown below.


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