The nearest airport from Baramati is located at Pune. There are various flights connecting Pune to all the major cities in India. You can take a flight to Pune and proceed to Baramati by taxi or Bus
You can also enjoy the journey to Baramati by train. The train starts from Pune railway station and reaches Baramati via Daund. It takes 3 Hours from Pune. The fare for the journey is very resonable at Rs. 25/-.
One of the best way to come to Baramati is by bus. Maharashtra state transport provides daily bus service to Baramati. The buses leave every half an hour from Pune (Swargate Depot) for Baramati. The first bus from Pune is at 7 A.M. the fare for the above route is Rs 110/-.
Once you have come to Baramati you can hire rickshaw to reach the campus. Rickshaws are available through out baramati. You can hire a special or shared one as per your choice. The fare for a special rickshaw will be around Rs. 80/- from Baramati Depot to VPCOE (MIDC Chowk) Campus, bus fare for the same distance is Rs. 6/-.

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