Department of Mechanical Engineering

  Sachin Bhosle
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Pursuing (Michigan Technological University, USA.)

M. E. (Manufacturing Processes Engineering),

Brief Profile:
Prof. Bhosle is persuing PhD at Michigan Technological University, USA. He has received undergraduate degree in Mechanical engineering in the year 2003 from S.R.T.M. University, Nanded. He did his post graduate degree (M.E.) in the area of ‘Manufacturing Processes Engineering’ in the year 2005 from same university. He has Succesfully completed full-time training Programme on CAD/CAM Technology at Indo-German Tool Room, Aurangabad. Before joining at Vidya Pratishthan’s College of Engineering (VPCOE) Baramati, he worked as Lecturer for two years in Mechanical Engg at MSS’s College of Engg & Technology, Jalna from June 2005 to June 2007. He has joined VPCOE in July 2007 as lecturer in Mechanical Engineering & promoted as Assistant Professor in 2010. He has received “Post Graduate Teacher” recognition from University of Pune. Recently, in sept 2013, his research project entitled, “Experimental Investigations & Analysis of Recast Layer Formation in Wire-EDM” has received funding from University of Pune. His research interests are in the area of Material Processing Technology, machining process invetigations for advance materials, heat treatments-material property variations, Terrotechnology.

He is recepient of Summer “Faculty Research Fellowship” (SFRF-2012) from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IIT Delhi) and selected for Summer “Faculty Research Fellowship” (SFRF-2013) at Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati (IIT Guwahati) through Indian Academies of Science. He took initiative and put poineering efforts in writing & submitting joint proposal between (VPCOE & NCSU, USA) to USIEF through UGC for “Academic Allaince to establish an advance technology knowledge center for meeting India’s future energy needs”. He has worked in the various additional administrative capacities viz. Research Coordinator of college, Post Grduate course-Coordinator, Lab development In-charge for Vibration & Mechanics Laboratory, Member of Talent Pipeline Programme by Bharat Forge Ltd, Member of Training & Placement cell, Senior Supervisor for University Examinations, Incharge Professor-Purchse at the Vidya Pratishthan’s college of Engineering, Baramati. He is continuing Industry-Institute interaction as Co-ordinator for ‘Training Programme’ for Piaggio Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. He has also Contributed for Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) improvement as Member of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) team in - Badve Engg. Pvt. Ltd, Aurangabad (vendor of Bajaj Auto).

Sachin is having around 08 years of teaching experience at undergraduate & post graduate level. He has to his credit more than 10 technical publications at the national and international level. At present he is working on research project in the area of Wire-EDM Machining of Advanced Materials. He has sucessfully carried out various research projects in the area of enhancement of Mechanical Properties of metals by Heat Treatments & Determination of dcutile to Brittle Transition Temperature for steel.

Sachin has received grant for varoius departmental developments. He has Coordinated Matlab Integrated FEM training program for students. He is also been member of editorial board and executive counsil member of national Journal, Engineering Today.
Research Interests:
His research interests are in the area of Micro-machining, Terro technology Metallurgy and material processing technology.
Selected Publications:
1. Bhosle S.M., Dr. V. M. Nandedkar, Dr. S. B. Patil, “SURFACE MODIFICATIONS AFTER WIRE-EDM; A REVIEW” International Journal of Manufacturing science and Technology [ISSN: 0973-5496], Volume 3, Issue 01, December 2009 pp. 51-63.

2. Bhosle S.M., Kakandikar G.M, Darade P.D. “AN EXPERIMENTAL INVESTIGATION OF THE CONNECTIVITY OF HEAT TREATMENT PARAMETERS ON TENSILE PROPERTIES OF SAE1020 STEEL” Engineering Today Journal [ISSN: 2180-0995], Volume X, Issue-09, September 2008, p.p.03-09.

3. Bhosle S.M., Kolekar A.H., Darade P.D. “DETERMINATION OF DUCTILE TO BRITTLE TRANSITION TEMPERATURE OF EN19 STEEL” International Journal of Mechanical Engineering [ISSN: 0974-5823], Volume 2, Issue 02, July-December 2009 p.p.213-217.

4. Bhosle S.M., Kolekar A.H., Darade P.D. “REVITALIZING THE MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIES THROUGH CIM”, Technology World Quarterly Journal, Malaysia [ISSN: 2180-1614]. December 2009.

5. Bhosle S.M., Kakandikar G.M, Shinde G.U. & Dr.Nandedkar V.M “AGILE MANUFACTURING: A CONTEXTUAL VIEW” Engineering Today Journal [ISSN: 2180-0995], Chennai, Volume X, Issue 03, March 2008 p.p.34-40.

6. Bhosle S.M., Kakandikar G.M & Dr.Nandedkar V.M “APPLICATION OF DIFFERENT PARAMETER RELATIONSHIP MODELING TECHNIQUES IN CUTTING PROCESSES” ” Industrial Engineering Journal, Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering.

7. Bhosle S.M., Kakandikar G.M, & Dr. Nandedkar V.M “TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT OF ADVANCED MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGIES - A REVIEW” ” Industrial Engineering Journal, Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering, October 2009.

8. S.M. Bhosle, P.R.Chitragar, B.U. Sonawane “ Experimental Determination and Formulation of Mathematical Model for Contact Deformation of Nylon and PVC” Journal of Manufacturing Engineering, [ISSN No.0973-6867] ISSUE VOL 5 ISSUE 1 MARCH 2010 (Approved for Publication).

9. Bhosle S.M. Darade P.D. Kakandikar G.M, Dr. Nandedkar V.M. “GLOBAL WARMING: AN INCONVINIENT TRUTH TO ACCEPT AND REACT” National Conference on Global Warming & its Consequences Organized by Sharadabai Pawar Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Baramati. 10-12 January 2008.

10. Bhosle S.M., Kakandikar G.M, Darade P.D., Kolekar A.H. “Lightweight Technology for Heavyweight Industries: CFRLMCs (Continuous Fiber Reinforced Light Metal Composites)” All India Seminar On “Emerging Trends in Automobile Industry” organized by The Institution of Engineers (India), Pune.

11. Bhosle S.M., S. B. Patil, Darade P.D. “RESEARCH TRENDS IN WIRE ELECTRIC DISCHARGE MACHINING- A REVIEW” National Conference on Innovations in Mechanical Engineering [IME 2010], Organized by J.T. Mahajan College of Engineering, Faizpur, 28th & 29th Jan 2010.

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