Department of First Year Engineering

  Dr. Nirmal Sahuji
Professor in Physics and Head FE
M.Sc. ( Physics); Ph.D.(Physics)

Brief Profile:
Dr. Sahuji received graduate degree in Electronics in 1984. He has completed M.Sc. in Physics in 1986 and Ph.D. in the area of Superconductivity in 1995 from Marathawada University, Auragabad. He has twenty three years of teaching experience at undergraduate level. He has to his credit 26 research publications in National and International journals and conferences. His project won the prize in Maha-Expo, a National Level Industrial exhibition held at Aurangabad in Jan. 1991 for developing working model based on superconductivity entitled “ Recent advances in high temperature superconductor". He Chaired the session in an International Conference on Solid State Ionics, held at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia during 2-6,August 1994. He also presented a paper on superconductivity in this conference.

He is a Recognized Post graduate Teacher, in University of Pune. He is recognized for Guiding and Teaching M.Phil( By Research) in the subject of Physics, University of Pune. He has Published a book on 'Applied Science' which is accepted as a Text Book by Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded and has been prescribed for Engineering curriculum.

He is a Life Member of Indian Society for Technical Education, New Delhi, Indian Association of Physics Teachers and Indian Physics Association.
Research Interests:
His research interest includes Real time Data analysis using Micro-controller based Data acquisition tools. He has also developed a few sensors for such acquisition for performing Physics experiments.

He has a diversified and actively engaged in teaching of Mind mapping , a memory enhancement technique. He has conducted several workshops on Mind Mapping for undergraduate students in various colleges including participants of the Refresher Course, Acadmic Staff College, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad. He is a ardent computer programmer and teaches 'C' programming language to the Science and Engineering students. He has published a book on 'C programming' for beginners.
Selected Publications :
Research Publications : International Journal:
1. Elastic anomalies of Bi-Pb-2223/Ag superconducting Composite materials. N.K.sahuji, R.J.Topare, K.Ganesh, S.S.Shah and P.Venugopal Reddy Physica C, 253 ( 1995 ), p.89-96

2. Elastic behaviour of Calcium doped Y-124 high Tc superconducting materials.N.K.sahuji, R.J.Topare, K.Ganesh, S.S.Shah and P.Venugopal Reddy Physica C, Superconductivity, vol.274, Issue 3, 1 Feb, 1997, pp 342-350.
Research Publications : National Journal:
1. Effect of Ag addition on the superconducting properties of YBCO superconductor. N.K.sahuji, R.J.Topare, G.B.Hadole and S.S.Shah Indian Journal of Cryogenics, vol. 18 (1-4 ), ( 1993),p.87-90.

2. Stuctural studies of YBCO compound. N.K.sahuji, R.J.Topare, K.Ganesh and S.S.Shah Journal of Pure and Applied Physics, 4 ( 5 ), 1992, p.231

3. Transport studies in Re-Ba-Cu-O and Re’(0.5)-Ba-Cu-O system ( Re=Nd, Sm, Gd, Y and Re’=Y) G.B.Hadole, N.K.sahuji and S.S.Shah Indian Journal of Cryogenics, vol. 20, No.2 ( 1995 ),p.22-24

4. Effect of Al substitution on the superconducting properties of Bi-2223 system. M.B.Solunke, R.J.topare, N.K.Sahuji and S.S.Shah Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University Journal of Science,VolXXXVIII No.5, (1997-98), p.75-78

5. Oxygen dependence of thermopower in YBCO material N.K.Sahuji, G.B.Hadole, R.J.Topare and S.S.Shah Indian Journal of Cryogenics, vol. 20, No.1 ( 1995 ),p.4-5

6. Evaluation of oxygen content using X-ray diffration technique in rare earth 1:2:3 compounds. Asian Journal of Physics, Vol.6, no.192 ( 1997 ), p.183-185. Proceeding of DAE-BRNS Symposium on Electroceramics, March 13- 15, 1996, Saurashtra University, Rajkot.

7. Structural studies of Y1-xPrxBa2Cu3O 7-d high temperature superconducting compounds. B.N.Dole, R.R.Kothawale,,N.K.Sahuji, M.B.Solunke and S.S.Shah. Solid State Ionic Devices; Science and Technology, (1998) p.86-95, Ed. By S.Selladurai.
Research Publications : International Conference:
1. The role of Ag2O addition on the superconducting properties of YBCO compounds. N.K.sahuji, R.J.Topare and S.S.Shah Attended and presented in 4 th Asian Conference on Solid State Ionics, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, August 1994 sponsored by Asian Society for Solid State Ionics. Presenting Author: N.K.Sahuji. Proceeding of Solid State Ionic Materials ( Ed.B.V.R.Chaudhary), World Scientific Publishing Company, Singapore), p.343-348.

2. Solving Differential Equation with Graphical Data Visualization using Python Nirmal Sahuji, Gajanan Dhanorkar and Anil Disale Presented in International Conference on Python For Education And Scientific Computing, Dec 27-29,2012, IIT-Bombay, Mumbai.

3. Simulation of Laplace transformation using Python. Presented in Scipy-13, a International Conference on Python For Education And Scientific Computing, Dec 13-15, 2013, IIT-Bombay, Mumbai

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