Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

  Dr. Rajveer Shastri
Assistant Professor

Brief Profile:
Dr. Rajveer K. Shastri received his B.E. degree in 2000 from College of Engineering, Ambejogai. In 2002, he completed M.E. in Electronics with specialization in computer technology and Ph.D. in the area of underwater signal processing in 2014, from Shri Guru Govind Singh Engineering and Technology, Nanded, He worked as a lecturer from 2002 to 2008 and from 2008 till date he is working as an assistant professor in Vidya Pratishthan's College of Engineering, Baramati, India. He has taught signals and system, digital signal processing, digital image processing, VLSI design and microprocessors. He has delivered guest lectures on Image Processing and Business Idea Generation. He has shouldered administrative responsibilities like PG Coordinator, HoD, student council coordinator and advisor and management representative for implementation of quality management system in VPCOE. He was awarded with Summer Faculty Research Fellowship 2013 from CARE, IIT Delhi. He has presented his research papers in USA and Brazil. He has visited universities abroad like North Carolina State University, Michigan Tech. University and San Jose University USA. He is a Member of IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society (80628231), Member of IET (1100289788) life member of ISTE (LM75643) and IETE (M-223285).
Research Interests:
Underwater and Biomedical Signal Processing, VLSI implementation of Image processing algorithms and Technology applications for rural development.
Selected Publications:
1. ‘Time Frequency Analysis of underwater ambient noise in tropical littoral waters’ presented at IEEE conference OCEANS-2013 at San Diego, USA. Sept. 2013. (link)

2. ‘Counting of Frozen Semen Straws Using Image Processing’ in Advances in Computing and Communications (ICACC), 2013 Third International IEEE Conference, Aug. 2013, India. (link)

3. ‘Analysis of Statistical Stationarity Measurement Techniques for Ambient Noise in Shallow Tropical Waters’, The MILIT Journal Issue II June 2013, PP 17-22 ISSN 2278-6872.

4.‘Gaussianity Analysis of Ambient Noise in Littoral Tropical Water’, Presented at RIO Acoustics 2013 IEEE/OES Acoustics in Underwater Geosciences Symposium Centro Empresarial, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 24‒26 July 2013. (link)

5. ‘Spectral Analysis of Littoral Water Ambient Noise in the Tropical Region’, Presented at RIO Acoustics 2013 IEEE/OES Acoustics in Underwater Geosciences Symposium Centro Empresarial, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 24‒26 July 2013. (link)

6. ‘Automatic Silkworm Egg Counting Mechanism for Sericulture’, International Conference in internet computing & information communication at Chennai, Feb.2012. (link)

7. ‘Design of Wireless Electronic Stethoscope based on Zigbee’, International Journal of Distributed and Parallel Systems. Vol.3, No.1, January 2012. (PDF)

8. ‘Comparative analysis of time frequency representations for littoral water ambient noise from the west coast of India,’ Acoustics 2013 organized by Acoustical Society of India and French Acoustical Society, New Delhi. ISSN 0973-3302

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