Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

  Premanand Kadbe
Assistant Professor
B.E.(E&Tc), M.Tech.(Electronics)

Brief Profile:
Premanand K. Kadbe received his BE degree in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering in 2003 from Amravati University, and M.Tech. in the Electronics Engineering in 2007 from R.S.T.M. Nagpur University.

He has industrial experience of 2 years and teaching experience of 8 years. Premanand is a Reviewer and Member of Editorial Board for various International Journals and Conferences, and a life member of MIE, IETE and ISTE. He had reviewed 78 peer International Journal and Conference Papers. Premanand attended various workshops on VLSI, Communication and Embedded Systems at Govt. Institutes, IIT, NIT, and private institutes.Premanand has guided various projects on Signal Processing, Communication, Embedded systems.Presently Premanand is an Assistant Professor in Electronics and Telecommunication department.
Research Interests:
VLSI, Emdedded System, Digital Signal Processing, Microprocessor and Interfacing Techniques, Communication, Fuzzy Logic and Neural Network.
Workshop Coordinator:
1) Chief Faculty Coordinator for National Robotics Championship NRC 2013 Zonal level workshop organized by IIT Kharagpur and ARK Technosolutions, Mumbai.

2) NMEICT (MHRD) two weeks ISTE workshop o Analog Electronics Conducted by IIT Kharagpur from 4th to 14th June 2013 at VPCOE Baramati.

3) Introduction to Robotics conducted by IIT Bombay under CE & QIP during Jan 29th – 30th 2011.
Selected Publications:
National Conferences
1) “Performance analysis of Biomedical image fusion methods” in NCET at Goa college of engineering, Ponda, Goa on 12th -13th April 2013.

2) “Three Stage pipelined VLSI architecture for 2D DWT using non separable approach”, in NCET at Goa college of engineering, Ponda, Goa on 12th -13th April 2013.

3) “Image compression using ANN in MATLAB”, at National conference on SCITECH-2012 on 6th -7th Jan 2012.

4) “Proposed technology on Traditional Approach in Telecommunication” at NTCT on 4th April 2009

5) “FTTH deployment options for Telecom operator- WDM-PON Technology: A case Study”, ETEEC, Nagpur, 10th Feb 2010.
International Conference:
1) “Edge Detection for real time Image Processing Using FPGA”, in First International Conference on Sunrise Technologies at S.S.V.P.S., B.S.Deore, COE, Dhule o Jan 13-15, 2011.

2) “Training Block Effect on Neural Network for Image Compression using MATLAB” in iCOST, 2012 during 9-11 Feb, 2012, Pune
National and International Journals:
1) “Experimental Verifications of Attenuation and net optical power budjet in WDM-PON optical link” at AWMC for Research India Publication ISSN 0973-6972 Vol 3, No 1.(2010), pp 29-34.

2) “Inter stage pipeline VLSI architecture for 2D DWT” at IJERT, ISSN 2278-0181 vol 2, issue 5, May 2013

3) “Investigations of FWM effect o BER I WDM optical Communication System with Binary and Duo Binary Modulation format in IJDPS vol 1, No 2, Nov 2010

4) “Biomedical Image fusion using Wavelet and Curve let Transform “ IJERT ISSN 2278-0181 vol 2 May 2013

5) “High Quality Color Image compression using DCT”, IJETEE ISSN 2320-9569 vol 2,Issue 3, April 2013

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