Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

  Balasaheb Patil
Assistant Professor
DIE, B.E.(E&Tc), M.E.(Microwave Communication), Pursuing Ph.D.

Brief Profile:
Balasaheb Hanumantrao Patil received his graduate degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering in 2004 and M.E. in the Microwave Communication Engineering in 2010.

He has Industrial experience of one year in R and D Department and teaching experience of 7 years. Balasaheb attended the workshop on Teaching Methodology held for the syllabus of SE ( E and TC and Electronics ) in 2008. He also attended the Conference for Postgraduate students in Electronics (EPGCON). Balasaheb is a life member of IEEE, IETE and ISTE, and has guided various projects in Instrumentation, Communication and Microprocessor. His one project on “Prepaid Energy Meter” has won 2nd prize in “Avishkar” at National level competition held in 2006. He is one of the experts appointed by University of Pune for revised syllabus 2012 for the subject Basic Electronics Engineering. Balasaheb is also the ISTE coordinator.

He teaches Digital Logic Design, Digital System, Digital Electronics and Logic design, Digital Electronics and Microprocessor, Electronics Circuits and Applications, Microprocessor and Interfacing Techniques, Control System, Mechatronics, Principles of Communication Engineering, Analog Communication (Communication Engineering), Communication Theory. Presently he is Assistant Professor in Electronics and Telecommunication Department.
Research Interests:
Communication, Digital Image Processing.
Selected Publications:
1. “Data Compression Techniques”, IEEE 3rd international conference on Machine Learning and Computing (ICMLC-2011), Singapore.

2. “ARM Cortex-M3: An improvement overview”, IEEE 3rd International Conference on Machine Learning and Computing (ICMLC-2011), Singapore.

3. “Voice Data Compression and Decompression”, iCOST 1st International Conference on sunrise technology-2011, Dhule.

4. “Edge Detection for real time image processing using FPGA”, iCOST 1st International Conference on sunrise technology-2011, Dhule.

5. “A Microcontroller Based Multi sensor Data fusion and Artificial Intelligent Technique for Gas Identification”, 1st International Conference on Science & Engineering (ICSE- 2011), Rohtak.

6. “The Reduction of FWM effects using Duobinary Modulation in a Two-Channel D-WDM System”, International Journal of Distributed and Parallel Systems (IJDPS) Vol.2, No.6, November 2011.

7. “Intelligent Biped ROBOT”, International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology (IJEST) Vol. 3 No. 9 September 2011.

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