Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

  Anil Bhagat
Assistant Professor
B.E.(E&Tc), M.E.(Digital System)

Brief Profile:
Anil W. Bhagat received his B.E. Degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering in 2008 from Pune University, and completed his M.E. in the Electronics Engineering in 2014 from VPCOE, Baramati, Pune University. He has Industrial experience of 1 year and teaching experience of 5 years. Anil attended Electronics Post Graduate Conference(EPGCON). Anil is a life member of ISTE. Anil is Assistant Professor in Electronics and Telecommunication Department.
Research Interests:
Digital Signal Processing, Image Compression, Emdedded system, VLSI and communication.
Selected Publications:
1. Published a Paper with title "Improve Image quality at low bit rate using wavelet based fractal image coder", in International Journal of Adavanced in electrical,electronic and instrumentation Engineering(IJAREEIE), Vol.2- Issue 8 (AUGEST - 2013),Page(s): 3693 -3702 (ISSN:2278-8875).

2. Published a Paper with title "Improve image quality using hybrid wavelet fractal image coder",in International Journal of Advance research in science and Engineering (IJARSE), Vol.2- Issue 4 (APRIL -2013),Page(s): 115-123 (ISSN:2319-8354).

3. Published a Paper with title "high quality color image compression using DCT", in International Journal of Imerging Trends in Electrical and Electronics (IJETEE), Vol.2- Issue 3 (APRIL -2013),Page(s): 43-46 (ISSN:2320-9569).

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