Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

  Ashwini Bankar
Assistant Professor
B.E (E & TC), M.E (Digital System)

Brief Profile:
Bankar Ashwini received her B.E. Degree in Electronics in 2010 from S.V.P.M’s COE, Malegaon (BK), Pune University and M.E. in Digital System from VPCOE, Baramati in 2012. She has taught undergraduate courses such as Signals and Systems, Basic Electronics, Integrated circuit and application, Data Structure. She is Assistant Professor in Electronics and Telecommunication Department.
Research Interests:
Underwater Signal Processing.
Selected Publications:
1) Ms.Ashwini Bankar and Prof R. K Shastri, “ Autoregressive Modeling of Underwater Signals”, NCET 2k12, Goa.

2) Ms. Ashwini Bankar and Prof. R K Shastri, “ Autoregressive Modeling and Classification of signals”, NCETET 2012, VPCOE, Baramati.

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