Department of Computer Engineering

  Priyanka Madane
Assistant Professor
BE (IT), ME(Computer Engineering)

Brief Profile:
Priyanka received her B.E. degree in Information Technology in 2011 from SVPM COE, Malegaon (Bk). She received her ME degree, in Computer Engineering at VPCOE, Baramati. Her current research interests include Information Security, Data mining, Machine Learning, Network security.

She is working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Engineering. Priyanka teaches Operating System, Management Information System, fundamentals of programming language and Object Oriented and Multicore Programming.
Research Interests:
Data mining, Information Security and Network Security
Selected Publications:
1. “Modeling and detection of camouflaging worms-A Survey” IJETAE 2012

2. “Detection of Scarewares by using data mining and machine learning techniques " CPGCON 2013

3. “Detection of Scare wares by using data mining and machine learning techniques " paper selected at HONET IEEE conference
Workshops Attended:
1. Workshop on Computer Vision and Writing effective conference papers

2. CEP on “Design and analysis of algorithm by Prof Ranade

3. Workshop on Latex held by IIT, Bombay

4. Faculty Development programme on OSA at SITS, Narhe, Pune

5. Faculty Development programme on OOMP at SITS, Pune

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