Department of Computer Engineering

  Gyankamal Chhajed
Assistant Professor
B.E.(C.S.E.), M.Tech.(C.E.)

Brief Profile:
Gyankamal obtained her B.E. Degree in Computer Science and Engineering in 1991-95 from S.G.G.S.I.E. & T., Nanded and Postgraduate Degree (M.Tech.) in Computer Engineering from College of Engineering, Pune (COEP) in 2005-2007 both with Distinction . She is GATE qualified and approved Undergraduate and Postgraduate teacher of Pune University and has about 19 yrs. of experience.

Gyankamal Shouldered administrative responsibilities like Head of Department of Information Technology (2004-05) and Computer Engineering(2009-2015), Incharge Head of IT department (2006-07), Internal and External senior supervisor for Pune University Theory and Online Examinations, Convener and Co-convener for National Conferences, coordinator for “IBM Centre of Excellence”, Organizer of various IBM workshops and Certification Examination under IBM Academic Initiative Program, Auditor, President of Computer Engineering student association(CESA), Project and Seminar coordinator at Vidya Pratishthan’s College of Engineering, Baramati.

Gyankamal authored a book and has total 32 Publications at the National, International level Conferences and Journals. She judged paper presentation event at National Conference, delivered expert talk and reviewed paper for IEEE International Conference. She has membership of IEEE,LMCSI,IET,LMISTE, and International Association LMIACSIT.

She visited various Institutions and Industries and Institutions like IIT Mumbai , IIT Hyderabad , Persistent , Bilt, Walchandnagar, Dynamix Industries. She has also attended 15 Workshops , STTPs and CEP’s organized by IIT Hyderabad , IIT Mumbai, University and VPCOE.
Research Interests:
Gyankamal has research interest in Steganography and Watermarking, especially for Black and White images, Biomedical engineering, Information retrieval.
Selected Publications:
1.“Review on Binary Image Steganography and Watermarking “.Paper published in International Journal IJCSE Vol.3 11 ,November 2011.

2.”Steganography in Black and White Picture Images ” 978-0-7695-3119-9/08 DOI 10.1109/CISP.2008.626 pg. no. 141-144 IEEE Computer Society at International Conference CISP 2008 , China.

3.“Efficeint Embedding in B&W picture images “ with 978-1-4244-5265-1/10 page no 525-528. Paper published at 2nd IEEE International conference ICIME 2010 held in Chengdu ,China , 16-18 April 2010 4. “Heart Rate, Respiration Rate and Oxygen Saturation Level Monitoring From Video Recording” Elesvier Proceedings Vol 4 ISBN: 9789351072928

5. “An Emotion based music player” at International conference on Technology and Management (ICTTM-2015) April 11-12, IIT Delhi .

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