Administration Department of VPCOE is the backbone of smooth running of the Institution in all respects from Admission of students through to the achieving of the mission aims of the Institution. It comprises of:

1. Administrative Officer
2. Accounts Officer
3. Students Section
4. Personnel Section
5. Stores and Purchase
6. Public Relations
7. Housekeeping and Maintenance

The department endeavors to comply with the statutes of various authorities in the stipulated period. At same time it insures that the students and the staff are given the necessary help and facilities for their individual compliances towards various departments of the Universities and government. For speedy actions and fast results the department has designed its own software’s whereby all the information required / records to be retrieved are available at the click of the mouse. The department boasts of complying with all the statutes without any delay as well as furnishing the information or assistance to the students and staff at record speed. 

Mr. Satish Taware

Administrative Officer 


Tel.No.: 02112-239504 

Mr. Shashank Dandavate

Accounts Officer


Tel.No.: 02112-239508 

Mr. Santosh Jankar

Incharge- Student Section


Tel.No.: 02112-239505 

Prof. Rajveer Shastri

Incharge Professor- Purchase

Tel.No.: 02112-239511

Mr. Sanjay Shirke (Incharge - Stores) 


Tel.No.: 02112-239506

Mr. Santosh Jagtap

Incharge- Scholarship Section


Tel.No.: 02112-239509

Mr. Dipak Jagtap 

Cashier Accounts Section


Tel.No.: 02112-239508

Mr. Dilip Deokate

Incharge- Establishment Section


Tel.No.: 02112-239528



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